Meet Amanda


amandaAmanda is passionate about math & science education. She began her tutoring career calculus 1 & 2 while working toward her Bachelor of Science degrees in mathematics and atmospheric science, and she has been expanding her resume ever since! Calculus is still one of her favorite topics to teach, but she has grown to love connecting differential equations to physical problems for aspiring scientists and engineers, and she also enjoys going back to basics while tutoring trigonometry, geometry, algebra, and pre-calculus. Her enjoyment really took off once she started tutoring physics and mechanics and could help students connect math to the world around them. Additionally, Amanda has fun changing her perspective while tutoring students for both quantitative and qualitative sections of standardized tests. As part of her test-taking strategy, she helps students focus on developing rapid, logical reasoning and the ability to quickly decide upon a course of action and follow it through to a solution.

Many people are surprised to hear about a mathematician who loves writing, but Amanda loves surprises! Amanda enjoyed writing for her dissertation nearly every day for several years. She is an experienced writing tutor and consultant with a solid grasp of grammar and a large vocabulary developed through a fondness of classic literature. Amanda’s love of writing, coupled with her years of experience with improvisation and public speaking, allows her to convey complicated topics in any subject in clear, understandable terms.

Amanda has over 12 years of math, science, writing, and test prep tutoring experience, with 11 of those in the OKC area. Amanda has become very familiar with the local curricula, and she has helped many students achieve higher grades and understand class topics thoroughly. Amanda tutors all levels of math and physical science courses, writing, and all standardized exams.

Besides tutoring, Amanda has taught several lectures and medium-sized classes, created class curricula, coordinated teacher training, consulted with authors, trained researchers in professional ethics, and taught in several summer camps and outreach events to high school, middle school, and elementary school students and teachers. To say that she lives and breathes teaching is about right!

Amanda received Bachelor of Science degrees (summa cum laude) in mathematics and atmospheric & oceanic science in 2007 and a Master of Science in meteorology in 2009. For several years after receiving her M.S., she conducted research in fluid dynamics while teaching locally. As part of her dissertation work, she used psychological phenomenology to study the career development of atmospheric science degree recipients while bringing qualitative research into the typically quantitative field of meteorology. She received her Ph.D. in 2017.