Weighted averages

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Ready to skip ahead to practice problems? Click here! Weighted averages have been on my mind, probably because this is the time of year when students are calculating their final course grades! The "usual" average (technically called the ordinary arithmetic mean) is easy enough: Add up all the values you have, divide them by the.

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Systems of Linear Equations, Part 1: Algebraically Solving Two Equations in Two Variables

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Summary: An equation can only be solved when it contains a single variable. Systems of equations contain multiple equations of multiple variables. The only way to solve for all variables is to reduce multiple equations of multiple variables into single equations of single variables. When coefficients are simple, the substitution method and the method of.

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DC Circuits, Part 2: Encountering Resistance

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In Part 1, we learned about the conventions used to describe direct current flowing through a circuit, and the batteries used to drive that current. In Part 2, we're investigating resistance. Resistance inhibits the flow of charge in a circuit by converting electrical energy to heat; resistors are the devices that provide resistance..

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