Mathematics is so much more than a requirement for attaining a diploma or degree. Attention to mathematics gives you the ability to understand and strategically apply precise tools to explore and evaluate the world around you.

AK Tutoring offers all levels of math, including business math. Rates vary depending on the difficulty level, and popular classes are listed below. For detailed information about subject offerings, contact


Level 1 classes: Level 2 classes:
Pre-algebra & Algebra Calculus 1 (including business)
Geometry Calculus 2 (including business)
Trigonometry Discrete Math
Level 3 classes: Levels 4 classes:
Calculus 3 Abstract Algebra
Calculus 4 Partial Differential Equations
Ordinary Differential Equations
Physical Math


One-on-one tutoring is available for any listed subject. Rates vary based on difficulty level (levels shown on subject page)

Level 1 – $40/hr

Level 2 – $40/hr

Level 3 – $45/hr

Level 4 – $45/hr

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