Subject Rates

One-on-one tutoring is available for any listed subject. Rates vary based on difficulty level (levels shown on subject page). The rates shown below are for an individual student, and can be multiplied for groups.

Level 1 – $40/hr
Level 2 – $40/hr
Level 3 – $45/hr
Level 4 – $45/hr

Test Prep Rates

Amanda achieved the test scores she wanted to get into her first-choice schools, and she can teach you the knowledge, patterns, and strategies needed to pass your tests with flying colors! Amanda combines her experience consulting students on rhetoric, composition, and literacy with her expertise in all levels of math and science to provide a well-rounded background for written, qualitative, and quantitative sections. Test prep tutoring is $45/hr. Please check out our Testing tab for a list of common standardized tests for which we offer tutoring.

Scheduling of sessions may vary based on availability. Contact amanda@ak-tutoring.com about session details.